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A LaTeX package for typesetting syntactic trees

Posted by matijs 07/11/2004 at 01h40

While studying linguistics, I often had to put pictures of syntactic trees in my papers about generative grammar. I made several systems to draw these automatically. One of these was a LaTeX package called synttree.

I actually uploaded the version from 1998 to CTAN. That version was clumsy, and the code was hard to read, a result of my struggles with TeX. I have always wanted to clean the package up, so it would be easier to extend it if needed.

In 2001 or so, I read an article from TUGboat that showed me how to write a parser that I could actually understand after I had written it. So, I wrote the new parser, and sort of bolted it onto the existing drawing macros.

Two days ago I finally came back to it. Now, I have a new working version, much more extendable and cleaner, ready to be uploaded to CTAN.

[Update Dec 9, 2004: The new version can also be found at CTAN.]

[Update Jun 11, 2005: Information on downloading and using the package has been moved to the synttree page.]

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  1. Martin Knudsen said 20/12/2004 at 14h33:

    Nice package for drawing trees. Very useful for my master thesis. Do you have any plans for extending the allowable number of nodes to more than three?

  2. Matijs said 24/01/2005 at 20h15:

    Martin, yes, actually, I have such plans. I’m not sure when this will happen, though.

  3. Matijs said 11/06/2005 at 18h10:

    In the new version, there is now no limit to the number of child nodes.

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