I often write software in my spare time. Usually it's to solve a problem I'm faced with. Since I am a perfectionist, I try to make it usable for other people too.

Here is some software I've written:


Generate Ruby bindings at runtime for Gtk+ and other GObject-based libraries using the GObject Introspection Repository. This library uses Ruby-FFI to call into C, which means it works with MRI 1.8, MRI 1.9 and JRuby. Rubinius' FFI is a little behind, so is not yet supported. This project lives on GitHub, and there's an introductory blog entry.


A .MSG to mbox convertor. Convert your email files from the evil proprietary format into open standard goodness.


This is a LaTeX package for typesetting syntactic trees.

GIMP destriping plug-in

This is a plugin for the GIMP to remove horizontal or vertical striping. There's a blog entry with some more background. The plugin is at the end of the entry.

Other stuff

All my public projects can now be found on GitHub.