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While studying linguistics, I often had to put pictures of syntactic trees in my papers about generative grammar. I made several systems to draw these automatically. One of these was a LaTeX package called synttree.

I uploaded the original version to CTAN in 1998. Since then, there have been several updates. Version 1.4, from May 2005, increased the number of branches from three to unlimited. The latest version (1.4.2) dates from March 2008 and is a bug fix release.

To see what the package can do, have a look at the pdf version of the documentation. It has samples in it.

To use the style, you have to generate it from synttree.dtx using synttree.ins. Just put them in the same directory and run:

latex synttree.ins

This will generate synttree.sty, which you can use as per the documentation. To create your own copy of the documentation, run:

latex synttree.dtx

Blog posts

June 11, 2005 An updated version is available.

Nov 7, 2004: Introducing the package.


The latest version is always available on CTAN. Alternatively, you can download it here: