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Subversion and tagging

Posted by matijs 18/06/2007 at 14h50

I’ve been using svk for a while now, but I keep bumping into problems with the whole concept of tags being just copies.

The problem is this: In my mind, a tag should be a symbolic name for a particular revision on a particular branch. In subversion (and hence, svk), it’s not. To use a tag in place of a revision, you first have to do svn info to find the corresponding revision number, and then use that in your svn diff or svn merge or whatever.

Subversion should have had a smarter client from the start, one that emulates tags and branches and hides the implementation detail that they are ‘really the same thing’ from the user.

As it stands, subversion has no tagging.

It’s all very annoying.

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  1. Mikel said 18/06/2007 at 17h24:

    SVN is still just CVS with some other annoying things worked out. Even when renames and merging to come, it's still the same old annoying architecture.


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