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Strike, Stones

Posted by matijs 30/03/2007 at 11h44

For work, I’m in Chennai in India. Up to today, I have seen the apartment where we are staying, the office, restaurants, and the streets in between. That is actually already a lot to see: There’s always a lot going on on the streets.

For tomorrow, a trip was planned to Mahabalipuram, but now there’s a big strike planned, and the trip was canceled. The reason is not that there won’t be transport, but that people will be allowed to throw stones at cars without fear of punishment.

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  1. Ravages said 31/03/2007 at 18h41:

    Actually, transport too would have been suspended. This is afterall, a state sponsored strike. Welcome to my city. Welcome to Indian Politics. (But, hey, it's not all that bad. Chennai can be a great place once you understand it a bit)

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