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Customizing Typo

Posted by matijs 27/08/2005 at 18h13

For many reasons, I like to customize the typo program code a little. Much, but not all is customizable by using themes.

I keep my version in a local repository, and I’ve just updated to typo 2.5.5. Here is the way to do these updates, partly so I can remember it myself.

[This post has been updated because the given method didn’t really work properly.]

I have set up svk to mirror typo’s svn repository, created a local copy and checked it out using, like so (this is from memory, so use caution):

svk mirror svn:// /typo/mirror svk sync /typo/mirror svk copy /typo/mirror /typo/local/trunk svk checkout /typo/local/trunk

To update, I use

svk sync -a

to sync all my mirrors (currently, that is just the typo mirror). Then I can go to my working copy and say:

svk merge -r \<rev1\>:\<rev2\> /typo/mirror

Here, rev1 is the revision I previously updated to, and rev2 is the revision corresponding to version 2.5.5.

There are two problems with this: One is, that you have to remember the last synced version. That’s easy if you put it in the commit messages. I didn’t know this, so I didn’t put it in.

The other problem is finding out what revision corresponds to release 2.5.5. This turns out to be impossible without mirroring the whole repository. Then, svk info will give you the information you need. Using svn info on the remote release directory gives this:

[matijs@pomme] svn info svn://\_2\_5\_5 Path: release\_2\_5\_5 URL: svn://\_2\_5\_5 Repository Root: svn:// Repository UUID: 820eb932-12ee-0310-9ca8-eeb645f39767 Revision: 683 Node Kind: directory Last Changed Author: scott Last Changed Rev: 530 Last Changed Date: 2005-08-17 00:52:10 +0200 (Wed, 17 Aug 2005)

All this tells me is that it’s a copy of some release before 530. That’s basically useless. It’s through sheer luck that my current typo copy is actually based on release 2.5.5.

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