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Updated synttree Package

Posted by matijs 11/06/2005 at 15h45

It's been available on CTAN for a while now, so it's about time I made a formal announcement: I have updated my LaTeX package for typesetting syntactic trees. In this new version, the allowed number of branches has been increased from three to unlimited (Yay!).

To make this update, I had to refactor the code that was dedicated to zero, one, two and three branches into a more generic version. I must say, I've always enjoyed modifying code to make it more manageable, but refactoring becomes very satisfying once you have a good test suite to test that it keeps doing the same thing, and a version control system to keep your known good versions. (This is no new insight, of course; it's right there in the book). This is a highly recommended technique!

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