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Building a Simple Markdown Viewer with GirFFI

Posted by matijs 17/04/2012 at 07h41

This morning, I found myself looking for a simple markdown previewer that would run on the desktop. Using GirFFI, it was ridiculously easy to create it myself.

The simple version, based on the Webkit example in the GirFFI repository, goes something like this:

require 'ffi-gtk3'
require 'github/markup'

GirFFI.setup :WebKit, '3.0'
win = :toplevel
scr = nil, nil
wv =
win.add scr
scr.add wv
win.set_default_geometry 700, 500

file = ARGV[0]
fullpath = File.expand_path(file, Dir.pwd)
html = GitHub::Markup.render fullpath
wv.load_string html, nil, nil, "file://#{fullpath}"

GObject.signal_connect(win, "destroy") { Gtk.main_quit }

I got the basic version working in about 10 minutes. The more complex version adds a keyboard handler to allow reloading the viewed file.

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